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Mamunul Haque 

Mamunul Haque is a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar, politician and Islamic speaker and secretary general of the "Bangladesh Khilafah Majlis" and joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh. He is the head of Shaykhul Hadith or Hadith Department of Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka Madrasa, 

mamunul haque biography

at the same time he is the founder of Mahadut Tarbiatul Islam and Babri Mosque Bangladesh and the editor of monthly Rahmani Paygam. So in this article we will fully discuss about Allama Mamunul Haque. mamunul haque biography, mamunul haque waz, mamunul haque bio, age, family, wife and education life. mamunul haque waz and biography

Questions Answers
Full Name: Mamunul Haque
Nick Name: Mamunul
Birth Place:: Azimpur, Dhaka
Date of birth November 1983
Age: 48 Years
Religion: islam
Ethnicity Bangali
Nationality Bangladeshi
Movement Deobandi
Jurisprudence Hanafi
Denomination Sunni
Main interest Hadith studies, Islamic Jurisprudence, Tafsir
Shaikhul Hadith Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka
Profession: Islamic Scholar

Hight, Weight And Body Measurement

Questions Answers
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 85 kg
Centimeters: 162
Meters: 1.62
Hair Color: Block
Eye: Dark

Mamunul Haque biography

mamunul haque
Born in November 1973 in Azimpur, Dhaka to an aristocratic Muslim family, mamunul haque waz and biography
  His father Azizur Haque was a well-known Islamic scholar of Bangladesh and the first Bengali translator of Sahih Bukhari.

He is better known as Shaikhul Hadith.
  He has 13 siblings.
Among them is his elder brother Allama Mahfuzul Haque who is the principal of Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka Madrasa. mamunul haque waz and biography

Mamunul Haque Education life

He took the first lesson from his father Hazrat Shaykhul Hadith,
In 1985, at the age of 12, he completed the memorization of the Qur'an at the Lalbagh Jame Mosque Madrasa. mamunul haque waz and biography
 Admitted in 1986 Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka in 1993 Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh exam first place from Bekaya Jamaat in Sharh
Second place in Meshkat Jamaat in 1995
In 1996, he won first place in Hadith in Daura and also completed his studies in Madrasa.
 Participated in SSC examination from school under Open University and completed Honors course in Economics from Asian University of Bangladesh. mamunul haque waz and biography

Questions Answers
Where the student 1 Jamia Rahmania Arabia, Dhaka
Where the student 2 Asian University of Bangladesh

Mamunul haque Personal life

He is married to Allama Mamunul Haque, a famous scholar of Bangladesh, and his wife Amena Taiyeba, mamunul haque waz and biography
Jannat Ara Jharna and
Jannatul Ferdous and according to the news his first wife has three children and two children from the second place.

Questions Answers
father name: Allama azizul Haque
Mother: no public
Marital: Amena Taiyeba Jannat Ara Jharna Jannatul Ferdous
Children 3 (first wife) 2 (second wife)

Mamunul haque Father and Popularity

Also known as Allama Azizul Haq Shaykhul Hadith, he is a Bangladeshi Islamic scholar, politician, writer, translator and Islamic lecturer. mamunul haque waz and biography
  He was the founder of Khilafah Majlis and the first Bengali translator of Sahih Al-Bukhari. He was the Vice Chancellor of Jamia Rahmania Arabia.
 In an interview published in 'Weekly (Weekly) Bichitra' Year 2 on 5 September, he said that no one ever gives the title of 'Shaykhul Hadith', but it is self-proclaimed and then other people support it or not. mamunul haque waz and biography

Maulana Mamunul Haq is popular for his Islamic discourse and as the Amir of Hefazat-e-Islam. Now he is the image of the Islamic minded people of Bangladesh. People are excited when he speaks at the conference, he is also famous for his father.

His father was a muhaddith, the founder of the Islamic Ikko Alliance and chairman of the Khilafah Majlis, and an Islamic thinker and political and Islamic figure in Bangladesh. mamunul haque waz and biography, He was the first to translate Bukhari Sharif into Bengali and was given the title of Shaykhul Hadith for his special scholarship in Hadith. He claims to be an Islamist.

Mamunul haque Social Media Links

Social media Links
Email @gmail.com
Phone number: 01
Facebook: Mamunul Haque
instagram Mamunul haque

Mamunul haque Career

mamunul haque taught at Jamia Nizamia Bethua Madrasa for 5 years then at Jamiul Uloom from Mirpur for 2 years. 
Since 2000,
 Jamia Rahmania has been in charge of Shaykhul Hadith in Arabia, Dhaka. In 2015, he established a higher Islamic education, research and training institute called Mahadut Tarbiyatul Islamia. He was a part-time professor at the Asian University of Bangladesh. mamunul haque waz and biography
mamunul haque is also the Khatib of "Baitul Mamur" Jame Mosque.

 He is the founder of the Tarbiyatul Ummah Foundation,
 the editor of the monthly Rahmani Paygam,
 President of Bangladesh Khilafah Youth Majlis. mamunul haque waz and biography

In 2020 October 26,
 he was elected Secretary General of the Bangladesh Khilafah Majlis and on 15 November, 

And Joint Secretary General of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh.
At a meeting of Hefazat on December 26, he was given the responsibility of the secretary general of Dhaka metropolis.

In 2019 29 September, he was elected as an advisor to Rabetatul Waizin Bangladesh, an organization of Islamic speakers in Bangladesh.
In February 2020, he started the construction work of Babri Masjid Bangladesh in Dhaka. mamunul haque waz and biography

Mamunul haque Significant work

No Works
1 Speaking from prison (2013)
2 Tarbiyatul Ummah Foundation
3 Monthly Rahmani message
4 Babri Mosque Bangladesh

Mamunul haque Speech

  • Mamunul Haque spoke, 'We have a lot of respect for the Prophet. If you can't protect his honor, your mattress will be set on fire. mamunul haque waz and biography
  • If the criminals are not severely punished, we will go to Shapla Chattar again.
  • Hefazat leader Maulana Mamunul Haque threatened the government at a protest rally at the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque.
  • Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh will once again hold a mass rally at Shapla Chattar if the perpetrators of the police-mob clash at Burhanuddin in Bhola are not punished. mamunul haque waz and biography

Mamunul Haque Question and Answer

Who is mamunul haque?
mamunul haque "Jamia Arabia Rahmania" is a senior hadith teacher at the Islamic University.

How old is he?
Mamunul Haque is 48 years old (he announced this on Facebook Live) as 2021

In what year did he become the leader of Hefazat-e-Islam?
In November 2020, he was elected Joint Secretary General of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh. mamunul haque waz and biography

Is he popular?
Yes. Mamunul Haque is very popular among the youth.

Why is he famous?
Maulana Mamunul is most famous for his speeches, mostly young like Mamunul Haque Waz.

Final talk about Mamunul Haque

Allama Mamunul Haq He is a world famous Alemeddin Everybody in Bengal loves him and even every child says that we want to grow up to be a person like Mamunul Haque. I love him very much, may Allah increase his dignity. mamunul haque waz and biography

Mamunul Haque Waz

Mamunul Haque Best waz The famous scholar of Bangladesh Maulana Mamunul Haque's Waz is broadcast on various YouTube channels. mamunul haque waz and biography
 I can't name anyone but I am mentioning here a few channels that you can follow and I will share his new and best statements here. If you want you can watch from here.

Mamunul Haque waz Channels

No Channels
1 Noor Islamic Media
2 Jahid Media
3 Islamic Media

mamunul haque waz watch

Collected from "Noor Islamic media"

Watch mamunul haque New Waz

Collected from "Zahid Media"

mamunul haque Best waz

Collected from "Zahid Media"

Important Notice
The famous scholar Mamunul Haque has tried his best to write in detail, mamunul haque waz and biography, if anything is wrong then let me know and I will correct the mistake. Inshaallah

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